Would you like to officially document your skills in the German language? With the ÖSD exams from A1 to C2, you have the opportunity to do so

Ready for the next step? Our top-notch ÖSD exams and effective preparatory courses are the key to achieving your goals.

The ÖSD exams enjoy international recognition and provide a reliable assessment of your German language skills. We enable you to demonstrate your language proficiency with our ÖSD exams from A1 to C2.

ÖSD Deutschprüfungen in Sprachschule Aktiv Basel

Whether you want to improve your language skills for study, work, or personal development, our German exams provide a clear assessment of your current language level.

Our experienced teachers will guide you through the preparatory courses and accompany you throughout the entire examination process. You will be equipped with the necessary skills to succeed. Through tailored curricula and practice-oriented exercises, we support you in effectively increasing your language proficiency.

Why should you choose our ÖSD exams and preparatory courses?

Our ÖSD exams are recognized worldwide, allowing you to demonstrate your German language proficiency for a variety of purposes.

Our teachers are highly qualified and have extensive experience in preparing students for ÖSD exams.

Our preparatory courses are customized to meet your specific needs and goals, ensuring maximum learning success.

We employ proven learning methods and practice-oriented exercises to help you quickly and efficiently improve your German language skills.

Start your journey to improved German language skills today with our ÖSD exams and preparatory courses.

Our ÖSD exams are conducted in collaboration with our partner, the Sprachen Akademie. For more information on registration and conducting the German exams from A1 to C2, please visit the Sprachen Akademie website.

The fee schedule for ÖSD exams at the Sprachen Akademie is as follows:

ZA1 Exam – 250 CHF

ZA1 Written Exam – 160 CHF

ZA1 Oral Exam – 120 CHF

ZA2 Exam – 250 CHF

ZA2 Written Exam- 160 CHF

ZA2 Oral Exam – 120 CHF

ZB1 Exam – 350 CHF

ZB1 Written Exam – 250 CHF

ZB1 Oral Exam – 130 CHF

For example, ZB1 Reading, Listening, Writing – each 95 CHF

ZB2 Exam – 350 CHF

ZB2 Written Exam – 250 CHF

ZB2 Oral Exam – 130 CHF

ZC1 Exam – 450 CHF

ZC1 Written Exam – 280 CHF

ZC1 Oral Exam – 210 CHF

ZC2 Exam – 450 CHF

ZC2 Written Exam – 280 CHF

ZC2 Oral Exam – 210 CHF

ZC2 Writing, Reading, Listening – each 105 CHF